MPI Provides

• On-Site Training Programs
for the Vacuum Coating Industry

Standard and Customized On-Site Training

Training to address your specific in-house vacuum coating equipment and processing systems can be offered after detailed discussions between your production team, MPI, and the instructor(s). The goal of the training is to develop a knowledgeable staff and a reproducible, high-yield process with minimal downtime.

Is Your Goal to have a
Reproducible Vacuum Coating Process?

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of the Design and Process considerations for a reproducible Vacuum Coating Process using the Flow Diagram. 

A reproducible process involves control of more than 10 major steps. MPI can provide the training needed to master them.

When you need to bring training to your facility, you can be assured of receiving high-quality, practical courses presented by recognized industry experts, with excellent teaching and communication skills. MPI provides administrative services to support these goals.


Artwork is published courtesy of Gencoa Ltd., UK and Sheffield Hallam University, UK.