Custom Programs

  •  Assist the client to generate a definition of what is needed to help determine what course(s) would be most appropriate.
  • Assist the client define what material should be given the instructor to assist the instructor in proposing a customized course outline.
  • Work with client and instructor to ensure that there is effective communication.
  • Prepare a budget to help define the costs, expenses covered, and other charges involved in presenting the courses(s).
  • Follow up by preparation of contracts, assistance with travel details, shipment of course materials, and evaluation of the program based upon feedback from registrants, client, and instructor.

Vivienne Harwood Mattox

Vivienne Harwood Mattox is the MPI principal primarily responsible for the Education Program Services.

Education and Experience in Vacuum Technology and Vacuum Coating Industries

Vivienne was born in the United Kingdom (UK) and achieved her formal technical education at the University of Exeter, UK where she gained the Bachelor’s degree in Physics (B.Sc.) with first class honors.

After working in the UK at the National Coal Board and teaching physics full-time at the Bristol College of Advanced Technology, Vivienne moved to Canada and became an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering department at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, where she developed a teaching laboratory and graduate course in vacuum science and technology. She then moved to British Columbia to be the Vacuum Design Group leader for TRIUMF (Tri-University Meson Facility) at the University of British Columbia, where she designed and supervised the construction of the vacuum system for the TRIUMF accelerator. Before moving to Bethesda, MD from Canada in late 1969, Vivienne was an active member of the Education Committee of the American Vacuum Society (AVS). These were unusual positions of responsibility for a young female physicist in those days, but were early indications of her interest in pursuing challenging objectives.

Vivienne was responsible for starting the first AVS short course programs on vacuum technology in Washington DC at the AVS 16th Annual Symposium with the assistance of Don Novotny (NBS).

1970 – 1984
She was primarily responsible for the rapid growth of the AVS short course program. Specialized courses were developed and several instructors were convinced to expand their course materials into stand-alone monographs. By 1978 the AVS Chapters started to offer courses and onsite courses were offered at industrial organizations. Vivienne received several awards for her volunteer contributions to the development of the AVS short course program.

1971 – 1984
She was a highly successful real estate agent in Montgomery County, MD. While working outside her professional field of training as a scientist, she was able to “give back” 25% of her time each year to AVS by continuing to develop vacuum technology educational training programs, and to also “keep up” with contacts and technological advances in the field.

1973 – 1976
She served as the Chair of the AVS Education Committee.

1980 – 1981
She served as an elected member of the AVS Board of Directors.

1985 – present
Co-founder, Management Plus, Inc.

Vivienne is an active member of Meeting Professionals International and the American Society of Association Executives.

1985 – 1993
Vivienne served as the Short Course Manager for the Materials Research Society (MRS).

1988 – 2016   
Following a financially disastrous 31st Annual Technical Conference in 1988 in San Francisco, the Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) employed MPI to perform association management services for the SVC. Vivienne became the SVC Executive Director and Meeting Professional for SVC events. Vivienne’s responsibilities included the development of the SVC Technical Conference, Exhibit and Education Program (including On-Location programs and Webinars), which required negotiating contracts for SVC with hotels, convention centers, and contractors. Vivienne’s management responsibilities also covered developing the SVC Website, and supervising independent contractors who provided financial services, registration for meetings, and graphic design layout and editing for publications. An important part of MPI’s responsibilities was the sale of advertisements and sponsorships for SVC’s events and publications.

MPI was given wide latitude by the SVC Board to initiate and develop projects that would enhance SVC’s reputation among the vacuum coating industry.  The most notable of these include, the internationally recognized SVC Bulletin (distributed worldwide beginning in 2004 in print and a digital format), and development of the Digital Library that hosts manuscripts from TechCon presenters on the Website very quickly after the Technical Conference starting in 2014. This was in addition to publication of the printed Annual Technical Conference Proceedings. Also MPI developed the organization and layout of the SVC Vacuum Coating Resource Guide for aiding readers to find companies that could supply their needs.  

1993 – 2007
MPI provided association management services for the Association of Vacuum Equipment Manufacturers (AVEM). The membership of AVEM and the quality of the reported sales statistics grew significantly over this 14-year span.


Award Plaque – American Vacuum Society (AVS):  “For Outstanding Service by Vivienne Harwood to the American Vacuum Society. The Award recognizes the significant growth of the AVS short course program”

Award Plaque – American Vacuum Society (AVS):  “Whereas Vivienne Harwood has been the single Society member who has been most influential in maintaining the quality and growth of the AVS Short Course Program:  Resolved, that Vivienne Harwood is extended the most sincere gratitude of the American Vacuum Society for dedication of a very large amount of her time, energy, and expertise, towards making the Short Course Program so successful”

Award – Received a Lifetime Emeritus Membership in the American Vacuum Society.

Award Plaque – Materials Research Society (MRS):  “To Vivienne Harwood Mattox – Received Recognition and Appreciation from the Materials Research Society for her outstanding dedication and commitment, enthusiasm and loyalty, leadership and achievement in support of the Materials Research Society Short Course Program, 1985 – 1993”

2005 – present
Vivienne was awarded the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation from the Convention Industry Council – for having met high standards of proficiency in meeting management by substantial professional experience and superior examination performance.

Award Plaque – Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC):  “To Vivienne Harwood Mattox – In Recognition of your Outstanding Leadership as Executive Director for 21 Years of Service to the Society of Vacuum Coaters”

Award Plaque – Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC):  “The Board of Directors and Members of the SVC thank Vivienne and Don Mattox and the MPI Team for 27 years for Visionary Guidance and Unwavering Management”



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