On-Site Courses

Cost-effective training for the novice operator or seasoned professional engineer presented by industry experts having excellent proven teaching abilities

  • Opportunity for private discussions of sensitive in-house problems
  • Eliminate time away from work and travel expenses

Comprehensive Training Programs

C-1 Basic Thin Film Deposition and Deposition Modeling: Supports PVD Engineering Staff (2-day program)
C-2 Basic Vacuum Technology Troubleshooting: Supports Machine Repairman and PVD Staff Supervisors (3-day program)

Vacuum Technology        

VT-1 Foundations of Vacuum Technology and Vacuum Gauging

VT-2 Pumps Used in Vacuum Technology (2-day program includes VT-1)

VT-3 Vacuum System Materials / Hardware (2-day program includes VT-1)

VT-4 Vacuum System Design

VT-5 Operation and Maintenance of Vacuum Systems

VT-6 Ultra High Vacuum Practices and System Design

VT-7 Production Vacuum Systems: Cleaning and Contamination Control

VT-8 Production Vacuum Systems: Gauges

VT-9 Vacuum System Leak Detection

VT-10 Production Vacuum Systems: Safety

VT-11 Cryopumping Technology

Vacuum Deposition Processes & Related Topics

D-1 Vacuum Deposition and Plasma Processing (2-day program)

D-2 Sputter Deposition

D-3 Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Processes

D-4 Reactive Sputter Deposition

D-5 ITO and Other Transparent Conductive Coatings

D-6 Hard Coatings

D-7 High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS)

D-8 Plasma Modification of Polymer Materials

D-9 Elemental Characterization of Thin Films

Each program listed is for 1-day – unless otherwise noted.

Use the MPI Request Form to receive program details and topical outlines, or to request a training program topic not listed.

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